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From the Desk of DDoC M. Wallace

7th November, 2005. 12:45 am.

So, I didn't make too much of a fool of myself...

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Dammit I hate dancing...

I'm gonna pass out on my couch again tonight. I love my couch.

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3rd November, 2005. 3:32 pm. Flashback: Student Government

Student government had always been a popularity contest for Mark, and he'd always managed to be popular enough to win. It was just another given: Mark Wallice, star first baseman, the class clown, and student government president. So the campaign for his Junior year was in the bag- Mark didn't need to worry about writing platforms or posters or whatever the VP guys were doing, he'd won the second he wrote his name on the sign-up sheet.

Until Sarah Lovett came into the picture.

Sarah, with her preplanned issues and her statements, offering to be a "liaison" to the "administrative officials" and words that Mark had only a vague recollection of in his seventeen years. And while they'd been words that had been thrown around before, in elections as early as seventh grade, they'd never held merit until Sarah used them.

Suddenly, everyone was asking him. "Mark, what would you do about the cafeteria food? Mark, how would you handle off-campus study trips? Mark, do you think we need to petition to put more money into the Science department than the Athletic?"

He didn't resign, no matter how much his head spun. Years later he would consider not withdrawing his name his biggest mistake from high school.

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17th October, 2005. 4:57 pm.

This is definitely something I didn't expect to do before I was thirty-five: I am currently elbow-deep (damn, cliches, I'm supposed to avoid those...) in the Inaugural Address for President Benjamin Malloy.

I didn't even expect to work on a campaign again, much less a Presidential one, and then to win it to get a job so high in the administration.

So far:

I've read the President's entire political history backwards and forwards (cliches again, Mark, watch out for those!)

I've written three drafts to completely scrap them and restart.

I've slept four hours. It's been six days.

I have eaten half my weight in Chinese food.

Melinda has suffered through six different forms of the name "Mel." Including "Melodious" and "Melancholy." I'd apologize, but she loves me for it.

My hands have started twitching so much I had to take Advil to stop them. I took too many and this resulted in the sleeping. (Note to self: Couch in office.)

I started crying because my eyes had been open so long they were getting dry and I used too much eye drop solution.

...I can't wait until we actually start working!

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