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From the Desk of DDoC M. Wallace

Mark Wallice
3 May
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Name: Mark Wallice
Age: 34
Appearance: (you can use this section and the below history to establish the personality of the character, as well - in fact, I encourage it) (Appearance not yet decided) Mark is the kind of guy who wears suits casually, and looks it: Out of place in anything else but too at-ease in them. He's average pretty much every way he can be. He's got somewhat shaggy but still short brown hair, green eyes, a normal build and a not-so-impressive height. He's alright-looking, but not great. In fact, appearance wise, he's boring. Except for the way he can look casual in suits.
History: Mark was born May 3rd to a doctor and an agitator in St. Louis, MS, and never really wanted anything as a child. He was decently wealthy, and friendly enough to be popular, so he would run for student government positions in elementary school and have a guaranteed win. He liked winning, so he kept trying until seventh grade when the students started asking for things from the candidates. He was shocked when he lost, and started to avoid everything political that he’d used as popularity tools to play sports. When he was sixteen, however, his history teacher made them all sign up for mock-political debates, and he found his position (speech writing) was actually something he enjoyed doing. He started volunteering at campaigns and drives, and working on his writing.

He went to Ohio State University and majored in Communications: Speech with a minor in political science, and got a job at then-Congressman Hellette's campaign staff as a low-level writer, mostly memoes and such. He worked himself up during that campaign to where he’d become Hellette’s secret weapon, and when Hellette ran for Senate two years later, he called Mark personally from his then-job as a newsletter writer for the ACLU. Mark went back happily and served as campaign communications director. They won the election once again, and this time Mark took on a full time job writing speeches and memoes for the new Senator. While he didn't help run the campaign when Hellette went for reelection, he did ghost a few of his speeches, and he kept his job when Hellette won again. Unfortunately, Senator Hellette had to resign a year later due to a mild stroke and his own believe that it was time to step out of public office. Hellette put in a good word for Mark with the DNC, and Mark got a job as one of the speechwriters of the main campaign of the Democratic race. Again he was rewarded, this time much higher than he expected as the Deputy Director of Communications.

Occupation: Deputy Director of Communications
Anything Else About the Character: He's a bit of an attention-seeker. A somewhat more-leftish-than-most moderate: He likes large government and high taxes, but also is against all-but partial birth abortion and loosening censorship restrictions.